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Adaptive Content Experience Platform (aCXP)

The power of conversation meets content management. Design professional content experiences that quickly understand and adapt to your customers' desires with powerful features like:

No-code editing

You no longer need engineering experience to build adaptive content experiences. Our tool is designed for designers; be they on sales, marketing, product or customer service teams.

Decision trees

Visually plot and model your customer journey, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

IF statements

Decide what to show and when to show it, based on user responses, browser supplied information, and your own business logic.

Results matching

Match user input or business logic to information databases to present instant, accurate information that your customer no longer has to figure out on their own.


Publish your experiences in multiple formats; from our pre-built web interface to email or SMS, and more. Meet your customers where they are.

Custom styling

Use our prebuilt interfaces, and style them according to your own brand guidelines, or use default themes as they are.

Headless API

Our headless API can be used to build your own applications and expressions that leverage Manyways decision trees and data lookups.


Our i18n editor allows you to create decision trees in multiple languages to support your target audience in the language they are comfortable in.


Trigger webhooks to external systems to perform actions based on user input or decision tree logic so as to integrate with your systems and automate processes.


Rich performance, usage and response analytics that provide an abundance of first-party data out of the box. Optionally, push usage and response data to your existing analytics platform. Currently supporting Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics 4.

Built-in privacy

Don't know how to ask for consent to gather first- party data? We do all the heavy lifting for you with built-in instructions and toggle on/off features.


Our software is designed with information security at its core. That’s why we are trusted by government agencies and retailers alike.

What is Adaptive Content?

Adaptive content goes beyond traditional static content to ensure that the information presented is engaging, meaningful, and personalized to the specific user's needs.

Marcia Riefer Johnston explains that “Adaptive content is content that can, at each instance of use, change (adapt) – not just in appearance but in substance – based on a number of factors. Factors such as a user response, device information, user information, business logic, or the context of the situation”.

Neil Patel calls it “the answer.”

Inbox user interface

Built with the most comprehensive tech stack

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