Under the hood

Low code. Battle grade. Built for scale.

Manyways uses proprietary software to map customer needs to databases of results, and resolve customer requests within fractions of the time. Regardless of the business logic or rules involved—we handle those too.

Decision Trees

With Manyways, you can build and customize decision trees that are tailored to your business needs and can guide users through a series of questions and choices to get to a desired outcome.

Data Lookups

Manyways enables you to perform data lookups based on user input or decision tree logic to retrieve relevant information and present it to the user, improving their overall experience.

Bring your own data

Manyways can pull in data with from existing data sources - from ERP and Commerce systems to retrieve and present information to your users. This allows you to leverage your existing data and present it in a way that is easy to understand and use.


Manyways can trigger webhooks to external systems to perform actions based on user input or decision tree logic so as to integrate with your systems and automate processes.


Manyways provides actionable analytics on user interactions with your decision trees. With clear metrics around engagement, conversion and user behavior - identify bottlenecks and improve customer experience.

Embed Anywhere

Manyways can be embedded into your existing web-applications and websites to provide a seamless user experience with a single snippet of code.

Multi-channel Expressions

Manyways allows you to create multi-channel expressions that can be used to present information to users in the channel they prefer. From the web to email to SMS: let your customers reach you in the way they prefer.

Headless APIs

Manyways provides a headless API that can be used to build your own custom applications allowing you to build your own applications and expressions that leverage Manyways decision trees and data lookups.

Custom Brand and Style

Manyways allows you to customize the look and feel of your decision trees. This allows you to brand your guides, recommendation engines, configurators and document generators to match your existing applications and websites seamlessly.

Document Generation

Manyways allows you to generate documents based on user input, decision tree logic and data lookups. Generate quotes, estimates, specification documents and much more.

Multi-language Support

Our i18n editor that allows you to create decision trees in multiple languages to support your target audience in the language they are comfortable in.

Accessible and Responsive

Our default expression → Go! is fully responsive and WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

Experience the future of automation with Manyways, the headless-first solution with workflows, decision trees, custom branding, precise results matching, actionable analytics, and webhooks.